About me

Here are a few characteristics that describe me.

I am a friendly, helpful, and cooperative type individual who is tolerant and non-critical when interacting with others. I enjoy building solid and stable relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. I particularly enjoy working with others on tasks and assignments. Personal competition is not a key factor in my value system, and perceive little to be gained from striving to out perform or out do others in a team environment.

I am a composed, and more relaxed type of personality. I enjoy working in positions where the emphasis is upon teams or work unit performance as opposed to individual achievements. I love working and participating with team members on a common goal.  I give careful consideration to decisions before making a commitment, which makes a more deliberate type person.

My personality is extremely deferential and accommodating. I try to conform to all expectations, follow all rules, and gain buy-in with people I interact with.  I have been told that I am a very orderly personality, and very much a specialist in orientation. I enjoy project work activities that involve extensive detail and requirements.

I am more technical, regimented type of thinker who enjoys tasks that involve analysis, investigation, and problem-solving. I have the ability to balance emotions and logic so the neither has undue influence upon actions and even more emotional initial reactions held in check by a reasoned consideration of the consequences. When working with goals, I stay tracked and perform in a generally consistent manner.